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Zorbing experience

Imagine a hamster ball that has been enlarged many times, add in a giant hill and then finally a couple of brave people who are up for some thrill seeking fun. When you put all these together you get whats known as a zorbing experience day!

What is zorbing you might be thinking? the best way to answer is to explain what will happen on the day. The first task is to choose from many of the locations available and simply turn up.

Once it's your turn you will be first given a safety talk along with full instructions by trained members of staff at the venue. After this you will be introduced to the sphere like object and stapped in. From here final checks will be made before you are ready to roll.

Once inside and you are ready, the zorbing ball will start to roll down the hill for what is an epic fun filled adrenaline experience. During the roll you will hit speeds of around 30 mph and for added fun why not take part with a friend or family member. These gift days are starting to become very popular and make a great change from the norm.

As with any experience day some restrictions have had to be created. This is to ensure whoever is taking part is fit enough and to prevent any problems during the session.

The most popular reasons why someone might not be able to take part include anyone who is pregnant, suffers from heart or blood pressure problems or is over the maximum weight of 18 stone. The full list can be seen on the main page before making a order.

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