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Thinking Putty

If you are looking to keep someones hands busy and come up with a rather cool gift idea at the sametime, a tin of Thinking Putty should be high on your list. The reason why we say this will become clear in a moment, but in short this tin of gloop really is like nothing you will have seen before. It takes gift buying to a whole new cool status!

To explain a bit deeper the unique design of this stuff allows it to be bounced, streched and even snapped. It gets better though because if you wanted to you can melt and even shatter the stuff. So now if they say im bored, you know their lieing.

Patent and trademark laws mean that the formula to Thinking Putty is as secret as the KFC coating recipe. So knowing how and why this stuff acts like it does will never be known.

The Thinking Putty tins come in a number of sizes and to suit everyone you can opt from an almost never ending choice of colours and types.

Thinking Putty has been made for ages 3 and up, so is great for both kids and adults. It might be worth while adding another tin to your order as once seen you will want your own supply. It really is a case of once you pick it up you wont be able to leave the stuff alone!

Yes I am talking from experience here :-)

Thinking Putty
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