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Seeded Herb Mat

Nothing beats having a garden or window box full of fresh herbs, but as we all know getting to this stage is easier said than done. Well now thanks to this handy growing kit, farming your own fresh homegrown herbs really is very simple.

So how does it work then? Well it really is easy and you only need to follow a simple 3 step process. Once ordered and delivered you simply need to cut the supplied matting to size, place in a container and cover with soal. Thats 2 of the steps completed, step 3 will follow soon after in the form of fresh new herbs that will continue to keep on growing.

Available to choose from is a choice of herb types. These include classic herbs, masala and the ever popular mediterranean herb seed mat packs.

It will make the perfect gift for anyone who loves fresh herbs and as we all know, anything you grow yourself tastes miles better.

Seeded Herb Mat
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