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Rubik's Cube Mug

This famous handheld toy has been confusing the nation for over 30 years now and many have yet to complete the Rubiks in full! The best solution to the problem we think is to fill it with tea, coffee or any drink you fancy and take a break for a while.

The Rubik's Cube mug has been made to last and is just like the real thing, however ordering and using this version is a whole lot less stressful.

After reading up about the history of the Rubiks cube we were shocked to learn that over 360m of these toys have been sold since it's creation in 1974. One thing that didnt shock us though after reading was it's the best selling puzzle to ever be made and launched of all time. This is not set to change anytime soon either so long live the cube.

The dimensions for the mug are as follows. Height = 8cm with a width = 12cm and the depth is 10cm. So it's big enough for plenty of drink and ample loading room for dunking.

Please note that the half eaten Hob Nob shown in the photo is not included!

Rubiks Cube Mug
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