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Personalised Jelly Mould

No childrens party would be complete without jelly and to be honest the stuff is so popular many adults even opt for the good stuff when it's their own special occasion! While any jelly mould would do, why not go a step better and make it personal.

The personalised jelly mould is made to order and can include any name or words you decide to have printed and really does make this tasty party treat even better.

At time of ordering you simply need to state the name or message and then within 10 to 14 days the custom mould will be despatched and delivered. It's a great way to make a statement at any party or for everyday use for that special someone.

If we are honest we did think at first when looking at the price this was a use once and then throw away item. But oh no! This jelly mould is 100% reuseable and after each use it simply needs a quick wash and then it's ready again. So for such a small price this custom mould is a gift that will keep on giving personalised jelly for a long time to come.

So what are you waiting for? lets get the party started!

Personalised Jelly
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