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Marmite Chocolate

You either love it or you hate it, but now in a crazy twist some bright spark has decided to take a yummy bar of chocolate and infuse it with the flavour of this famous black stuff.

Personally speaking I have always loved the taste of Marmite and the idea of this product has made my mouth water just thinking about the combo. These bars are made from 98% milk chocolate while the other 2% makes up the Marmite part. This is key to the taste as it's not too over powering, but you can still identify the yeasty taste we all love or hate!

As gift ideas go you can be pretty sure it's something they have never unwrapped and tried before. On the other hand you could simply just be treating yourself.

Included for the price shown you will be sent 2 good sized bars that weigh in at 100g each. So if they do get a taste for this new kind of chocolate, they wont run out in a hurry. If you order today you can save 60% on the old price.

Not 100% sure if they will enjoy this? Why not check out our other range of goodies by heading over to our handpicked selection of chocolate gift ideas page.

Marmite Chocolate
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