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Kids Slanket

Since hitting the web, these blankets with sleeves have become a huge hit and the slanket was the very first of it's kind. Over the years cheaper clones have hit the market, but nothing can compare to the quality and design of the real thing. Until now they have only been sold with adults in mind, but thanks to a rethink the kids slanket was born!

This childrens version is made using the same high quality microfibre design, the only difference is these are shorter and smaller. The suggested age range for the kids slanket is between 4 and 10 years old and the good news is it's machine washable.

If you are new to the world of slankets it might be an idea for us to quickly explain how they work. As you can see it looks like a normal blanket and you would be correct in thinking this, however, this one comes with added sleeves. This means whoever is wearing it can still undertake tasks like drawing and using the remote control!

To appeal to all kids both boys and girls, a number of cool designs have been made. These include camo, safari and even a pirate version. You could play it safe and order a one colour version as shown in the photo above.

The price shown is the best price we could find when updating this page. Also all kids slankets come with free delivery when sent to an address within the UK.

Kids Slanket
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