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Haynes men's cooking manual

Does the man in your life have a problem when it comes to finding their way around the kitchen and worse does it become an almost no try option to anything they cook? If so why not kill two birds with one stone and get them a gift that they can use!

The book or bible as many men call it is written by Chris Maillard and is from the makers of those famous Haynes how to fix your car books. This means with fingers and toes crossed that it's written in bloke speak enough to deal with even the hardest of kitchen nightmare tasks.

Inside the manual are great dishes like how to create the perfect Sunday roast to the more everyday bangers and mash to name just two. The Haynes mens manual also includes tips for making great drinks and it also caters for those who like to stay healthy.

You also get a treat with this gift as you can watch their face as they unwrap their prezzy and see their face light up when they see the famous Haynes logo. Being about cooking though they might not have expected that, but once read it they will be hooked, you hope!.

Just think your Nigel might just turn out to be the next Nigella.

Haynes mens cooking manual
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