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GX Buggy

This RC car might be small, but dont let that fool you. It's mighty fun not to mention pretty quick considering it's battery powered. Why stop with one GX Buggy though? Thanks to it having a 2.4GHz hand held controller, you can race up to 9 others with no interference.

This buggy is made to fly, no really it is! Fitted on the top is a roll wing which in simple terms means that the GX Buggy will never flip onto it's back.

As we all know, powering toys like these can start to add up when it comes to buying batteries. Well the good news is included in the box is a smart battery charger that simply plugs in and tops up your GX Buggy for the next round of racing. You also wont be waiting long either as a 20 minute charge will provide you with 10 minutes of non stop racing.

The suggested age for the GX is 8 years up and because it's made by Tomy, you know it's a gift that will not only be safe, but is sure to last and have a good life.

In stock now you can choose from either the red or blue version of the GX Buggy which both come with free delivery direct to your door.

GX Buggy
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