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First Class Dad Mug

When you sit back and think about it a little deeper, dads do alot more for us than you might first have thourght. For some it might just be that hes on hand for a chat or to give advice while for others he bails you out when things get tough. What we do know though is that almost every dad has racked up many driving hours acting as a part time taxi driver!

The first class dad mug is one of those great gift ideas that proves spending loads of money is not always the answer. For under a tenner this present spells out how you feel and best of all its a gift that he can use daily and treasure for years to come.

As with all things gifts the quality is an important factor. I can say from personal experience that the first class dad mug is finished to a very high standard and it's now been just over a year since I ordered this for my old man and after daily use it still looks great.

The mug is dishwasher safe and at the moment you can save 10% on the normal price. Free UK delivery comes included so the onscreen price is all you pay.

First class dad mug
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